DSI Save The Date! Thesis 2021


Liora Yuklea is a graphic designer from Israel. She graduated from the Visual Communications Department at the Holon Institute of Technology’s School of Design and has been living in Tel Aviv for the past eight years. After graduation, she worked as a graphic designer at the Ha’aretz daily newspaper and at Calcalist, a leading financial newspaper. She has also designed independently for the Association of Civil Rights in Israel, the Ministry of Construction and Housing, the Social Guard civilian government monitoring organization, and the J14 Israeli social justice movement, with whom she has also been an activist since 2011, participating in the development of non-hierarchical decision making processes and creative activism. She’s travelled all over Central and South America, India, Europe, and the United States. She came to DSI to apply her design abilities more strategically to her making-the-world-a-better-place agenda and to better combine the two into a career and sustainable way of life.

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