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Anti-Racism Resources for Designers

Why are we doing this?

Our program deals with major societal ills with which issues of racial equality heavily intersect. We want to ensure that our students are highly aware of this intersection, and learn to apply equitable multicultural understandings to their work to create social good.

Though our students come from all over the globe, our program is U.S. based, which impacts the perspectives presented in curricula. This means that students and faculty have not always been on the same page about issues of race, gender and sexuality, politics, economic understanding, etc. Approaches to anti-racism are constantly evolving, so updating our practices and values as an international organization can be particularly challenging. However, coming from different contexts is not an excuse for doing or tolerating harm (intentional or unintentional), and efforts must be made from all parties to self-educate and improve.

We as a department are taking action in a number of ways, and wanted to host some of the readings and resources we have looked to for guidance on our website for public access. The resources on this page are tools for self-educating on the intersection of equity and design, and are meant to accompany additional action and encourage critical thought.

If you would like to recommend any additional resources, please let us know and we will update our listings.

Land acknowledgement

Our practice of care and commitment to more equitable futures means we begin with a land acknowledgement. We honor the fact that SVA DSI is located on Lenapehoking land, and we pay respect to indigenous cultures past and present that have been violently displaced as a result of European settler colonialism over generations.

We similarly recognize that land acknowledgment by itself is a very small gesture, and only becomes meaningful when coupled with informed action and authentic relationships to our communities.

Recent Updates:

  • Native Land is an app to help visually map Indigenous territories, treaties, and languages across the globe.
  • Support the Navajo Water Project, a DIGDEEP initiative working to combat Navajo nation’s lack of access to clean water and plumbing.

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