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Be a part of our next cohort!

We are still accepting applications for Fall 2024* — a few spots left!

DSI is a graduate social design program that asks:

  • How can design offer pathways that shift us towards healthy, equitable systems?
  • What conditions and collaborations enable communities, systems, and nature to thrive?
  • How can social design increase care and our capacity
    for change?


Social design
works with communities, organizations, governments, businesses, and the planet through:

Strengthening Relationships + Care

Advocating for health, equity, anti-discrimination, justice, joy, and healing, Supporting shared values and interdependence, and honoring nature’s wisdom.
Design asks questions over solving problems, with care.


Collaborating with communities, advocating for mutual benefit and abundance. Centering lived experience, while reducing harm.
Design can shift power, while building leadership and creatively responding.

Embracing Complexities

Breaking from things that no longer serve us. Recognizing the continuum and pluralities, and making the invisible visible.
Design supports new thinking over new things to imagine possibility and lead with vision.


Still accepting applications for Fall 2024!

Submit your application to be considered for financial scholarships!

We are still accepting applications to MFA Design for Social Innovation as space allows. Early applicants are eligible for our two departmental award scholarships for Fall 2024. Those passionate about making a difference in the world: Socially minded, nature-lovers, creative leaders, critical storytellers, innovators, action-takers, and curious makers NEED APPLY.

*We seek diversity, so non-designers are encouraged!


Typecraft Initiative Workshop - Ishan Khosla


Mari Nakano
DSI Designer In Residence

Thesis 2019

The Slow Hands Lab

Jiayi Dong (MFA DSI ’19)

A program to help Su Embroidery artists increase their economic opportunities and have their value acknowledged by pairing them in collaboration with New York-based contemporary designers.

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