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DSI Alum putting social design to work.

“What are DSI graduates doing? What kind of jobs do DSI students get?”

The best way to answer those questions is by hearing from our graduates about how they’re using what they learned at DSI to jumpstart their careers – and to excel at them.

One thing to keep in mind: MFA DSI graduates tend to work at things they love. They bring the ability to lead change in those fields, to enhance and expand them to make a difference in society. For those with experience as product designers, economists, artists, engineers, educators, environmentalists, and other backgrounds, DSI helps people think about opportunities in a new and bigger way, to go out into the world and define new pathways for social design.

So whether you want to work in a big company, an NGO, a creative consultancy, or start your own enterprise, DSI prepares designers to become leaders in that field with accountability towards communities and the earth. Won’t you join us?

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