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Financial Aid Support

Financing a graduate degree can look different for everyone. Below are consolidated resources starting with DSI’s own departmental awards, introducing SVA resources and finally curating a list of external resources. Some resources are available to all students while others specify domestic or international student status.

MFA DSI Departmental Awards

MFA DSI offers financial awards and two scholarship awards based on merit and/or need. 

Merit-based awards aim to cover 5-10% of tuition costs. Applicants that apply by SVA’s priority deadline are automatically considered for merit-based awards and can expect notice about any departmental awards shortly following notice of admission. 

Please note departmental awards are applied directly to tuition costs and cannot be used for any related fees and expenses. Recipients must maintain good academic standing.

SVA Resources

External Funding Resources

SVA permits students to use external funding to support their tuition costs. Find a curated list of resources to identify scholarships, grants, and funding you may be eligible for. DSI does not partner or promote any of the following services, but rather we aggregate a list of opportunities.

Federal Resources (FAFSA)

Domestic Students are eligible to apply for FAFSA to determine federal financial aid eligibility. SVA’s Financial Aid Office has a variety of information relevant to this process.

International Applicants

Students attending school on a visa do not qualify for federal and state Financial Aid. There are some alternative loans that you can apply for with a co-signer who is a U.S. Citizen. We also recommend applying for scholarships through your local agencies. You may research scholarship opportunities at, a scholarship search engine which focuses on international students.


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