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Xianru (Daphne) Luo

Xianru (Daphne) Luo is joining DSI from Xiangxi of the Hunan Province in China, a gathering place for ethnic minorities in the southwest of China. She graduated in 2020 from Beijing Jiaotong University with a Bachelor of Digital Media Art.
She herself is of Tujia heritage, and her upbringing has made her very interested in diversified minority culture and China’s traditional village protection. During the undergraduate period, she positively participated in some design activities, which attracted massive people to pay more attention to the traditional techniques and villages. She also had some work experience in UX/UI design. These experiences inspired her to join DSI. At DSI, she is most looking forward to rounding to working with her classmates of different backgrounds to round out her design thinking and build her own design system.

Thesis Projects


PASTFORWARD is an innovative initiative that showcases the history and art of Miao embroidery through NFTs. It bridges the gap between traditional Miao embroidery and modern aesthetics, providing young Miao inheritors with new opportunities to connect their heritage with modern culture. PASTFORWARD enables Miao embroidery to reach a global audience and promotes cultural exchange while supporting the preservation of Miao cultural heritage.

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