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Ruchika Muchhala

Ruchika Muchhala is a three-culture kid: of Indian roots, born and raised in Indonesia and Singapore. Ruchika has worked as a documentary filmmaker and new media producer for nine years. She’s contributed to nonfiction series at the Crime & Investigation Channel, the National Geographic Channel, and the Discovery Channel Asia as well as assisting on independent documentaries such as the Academy-award winning Born into Brothels. In 2011, her directorial debut, The Great Indian Marriage Bazaar, screened at international film festivals and on television channels like BBC World. Her second documentary film, Beyond Bollywood, was released in 2013. Ruchika is currently working as the Web Producer for Rebel Music, an MTV docu-series. She’s using her time at DSI to develop ways to combine nonfiction narrative storytelling, community media production, and transmedia strategies.

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