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Grace Kwon

Grace Kwon is invested in and knowledgable about visual communication design and the human-centered design approach. A storyteller at heart, and a natural at facilitating in design research projects, she is equipped with numerous project experiences in design strategy and service design with private sectors, like SAP, Hyundai and Lotte. She has also put her talents in supporting public sectors and NGOs, such as the UN, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Compassion. Grace chose DSI to learn about how the power of design can spring up change on how businesses are run. She is here to meet changemakers from all over the world, bring innovation through collective efforts, and propose creative ideas about effective solutions that will eventually support people who need it the most.

Thesis Projects

Untangling Philanthropy

Disrupting power dynamics in philanthropy by challenging funders to cultivate collaborative partnerships with their grantees and ground relationships in trust.

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