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Stephanie Stavropoulos

Stephanie is a game designer and educator who specializes in creating transformative play experiences for non-profit organizations and foundations. She primarily creates card, live-action roleplay (LARP), and tabletop roleplay games. Most recently, Stephanie collaborated with ClimateWorks and Forum for the Future to design Shocks to the System: Fast Forward to 2028 for funders to develop forecasting skills necessary for strategic resource allocation in mitigating the climate crisis. She has also developed games for first generation college students and the staff who support them, early-career designers, and social service technology professionals. Stephanie’s game design work has been published by Thorny Games, Big Bad Con, Double Exposure Inc., Read/Write Memory, and Wizards of the Coast. Stephanie’s educational tools have been utilized and distributed by the Student Success Network, NextGen Science, Breaker, The Opportunity Network, and Chicago Public Schools.

When not tinkering with how to build empathy and teach skills through play, Stephanie enjoys using Google Sheets to develop predictive algorithms for reality TV, forcing her computer to run Stardew Valley with 80+ mods, buying too many colored pens, and running around with her dog, Milo.


Games for Impact SIG-5390

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