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Sahar Ghaheri

Sahar Ghaheri is a multidisciplinary designer who believes that design has the power to transform systems and structures and create positive change. She is co-founder of Grey Area Collective, a women-led design and research studio working in the intersection of design, technology, and activism. Her expertise spans multiple disciplines, dedicated to creating products, services, and experiences that generate positive impacts within communities. With a firm belief in design’s ability to strengthen connections, foster collaboration, and drive societal change, Sahar‘s work revolves around projects centered on equity and global social justice, with the breadth of her design practice spanning behavior change campaigns, communication design, and community building.

She currently serves as a thesis advisor at DSI. She holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. She resides and works in Brooklyn, NY, dedicating her life to pioneering impactful design solutions.

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