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Miya Osaki

Miya Osaki is a faculty member and the chair of the Design For Social Innovation MFA program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Miya is a designer, educator, and advocate for healthy systems and increasing care in our communities. She is committed to growing the next generation of creative leaders to support the health, equity, and care of our ecosystems and planet. Her background in experience design includes over 15 years consulting in healthcare and design and facilitating conversations around experiences of care. She has collaborated with a cross-section of global healthcare companies, community organizers, non-profits, design consultancies, government agencies, and tech startups. Miya served as Experience Design Director at the Global Strategic Design Office of Johnson & Johnson and was a founding partner of Diagram, a healthcare design studio. She is also a board member of the Public Policy Lab. Miya was an early recipient of the DesignMatters Fellowship with the UNICEF Innovation team. A third-generation Japanese American and a West Coast native, Miya now lives, works, and plays in Brooklyn, New York.

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