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Marc Rettig

Marc Rettig’s work is defined by a question: “How can we learn to create lasting life-sustaining communities and organizations together?” He began pursuing this question in 2009, after a first career in software followed by long experience in design research, strategic design, and interaction design. This turn from business to social questions led Marc through more than a decade of immersion and practice in group hosting, emergent approaches, and the invisible tangle of self, relationship, and story that makes something “social.”

Because of this work, Marc was invited to be a founding professor in DSI in 2012 and has co-taught the “Fundamentals” course ever since. He previously taught at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Design and the IIT Institute of Design in Chicago.

Marc is a principal of Fit Associates, a firm that supports leaders and groups in creating together— gathering well, becoming able to stay in right relationship, seeing harmful structures, and exploring for ways to displace them with new patterns and systems. Fit has done this work with corporations, nonprofits, universities, and local systems.

Marc plays and creates with a global community of friends and in his home in the Polish Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh, returning whenever possible to his birthplace in Montana.

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