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Laura Cerón Melo

Laura (‘21) is a queer designer from Colombia living in Brooklyn, NY whose professional practice sits at the intersection of design, art, and activism + advocacy. She is a recipient of the Artist Employment Program grant from the Creatives Rebuild New York initiative, and currently is a Teaching Artist and Arts Strategist at The Fortune Society, which she co-created her MFA thesis with.

Laura has worked in-house and independently as a graphic/visual designer and communications strategist in the non-profit sector (social services, arts), the publishing industry, and the startup arena (materials science + informatics, online retail), and continues to do contract work in those fields. She also feels deeply passionate about Riso printing.

In general, Laura is interested in the capacity of design to understand, reimagine and create new systems, and its power to communicate social imperatives, challenge the status quo, and foster individual and collective healing. She is committed to the common good, to acting and designing responsibly and sustainably, aiming to minimize harm, alleviate suffering, and make life easier and happier.

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