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John Stavropoulos

John is a proven design, product, and technology leader with 20+ years creating thousands of digital products for clients spanning Google, CVS, the Department of Child Services, David Bowie, NY Yankees, Hasbro, and NASA.

At every company John worked for, he:
– Implemented systemic change to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion hiring by 43% to 180%.
– Succeeded in driving key metrics such as reducing children aging out of foster care by 81%.
– Won awards from industry leaders such as UX Magazine, GovTech, Code for America, etc.
– Delivered business revenue increases by 90%+.

John’s co-workers call him a huge nerd. He trained product and game designers for Dungeons & Dragons, Hasbro, Nike, The History Channel, and Twitch #1 top earning channel—Critical Role, ran 26 game design conferences in NYC for 2,000+ people, and taught system design with a focus on growing psychological safety to empower people to feel brave taking risks, at the Museum of Moving Image, Sweden’s Uppsala University, CA Irvine, NYU, and SVA.

Currently John works as the Executive Director for Redox, the leader in Healthcare data integration, overseeing teams of product managers, product designers, UX researchers, and data specialists to facilitate billions of bi-directional data exchanges for 7,000+ healthcare providers at 100% of Top US Hospitals.

In John’s spare time, he works as a climate change activist and programs AI models in Python for fun.


Games for Impact SIG-5390

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