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Corwin Green

Corwin Green is an educator and communications designer, whose focus is to investigate how collective power is created in design and art. A generalist, he works in print, environmental and digital platforms. He is fascinated by brand development and engagement, the function and dysfunction of cities, and the ways space can be augmented and manipulated.

He currently teaches graduate courses on topics like design for behavior and social change, exhibition production, and thesis research and development. He previously worked at the Prospect Park Alliance as a Graphic Designer in the Marketing and Communications Department.

As a design researcher, Corwin developed a scope of designed communication channels and tactics for a pilot campaign for the Department of Environmental Protection. Additionally, his work as a researcher recently took place in the Appalachian mountains where his team studied community stewardship and resistance to green infrastructure.

Corwin received his MFA in Communications Design from Pratt Institute and BS in Communications from North Carolina State University. The Massachusetts native has been a visiting critic at the Parson’s School of Design, the NYU Wagner School and Magnetic Collaborative.

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