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March 2024

Mafe (Maria) Pérez Tello (MFA DSI ’15)


Mafe Pérez currently lives in Los Angeles, CA and is working as a Creative Director at 196Live, a female-founded and led-. independent, global, and socially conscious event, strategy, and design company. She has worked on the Paris Olympics 2024, DNC’24, RNC’24, UNGA’79, COP29, WEF25.

Mafe is a creative thinker and entrepreneur with a background in brand, product campaigns, event planning, and social impact. She uses the principles of design, hospitality & user-centered philosophy to support global initiatives led by government organizations and 500 Fortune Companies – to shape complex and systematic products & services while enhancing positive and delightful human interactions that are in harmony with the Earth always in partnership of artists & innovators across the globe.

Mafe has also worked at CreativeMornings San Francisco and Designer/Art Director at Guru Media Solutions.In addition, she is working toward launching The School Meals Coalition: an initiative led by the World Food Programme, the food-assistance branch of the United Nations.

Mafe’s Linkedin profile:

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