DSI Intro to Thesis with our 2021 Cohort


Miya Osaki

Miya Osaki is the chair of the Design For Social Innovation MFA program at School of Visual Arts. In addition, Miya is the founding partner at Diagram a New York-based, women- and minority-owned healthcare design studio. Miya brings her skills in interaction design, human-centered research, storytelling, and behavior design to create experiences aiming to better outcomes and enable patients to better improve…

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Alison Cornyn

Alison Cornyn is a multidisciplinary artist whose work focuses on the criminal justice system. She has extensive experience in interaction design and in facilitating civic dialogue and serves as founding partner and Creative Director of Picture Projects, a Brooklyn-based studio that produces multimedia projects about pressing social issues. Her work has received numerous awards, including…

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Archie Lee Coates IV

Archie Lee Coates IV is a founder and partner at PLAYLAB, INC., an extremely multi-disciplinary creative practice founded in 2009 in New York, and run with Jeffrey Franklin, Jonathan O’Brien and Ryan J. Simons. With no particular focus, they explore things that interest them by initiating and working with others on ideas. The past has included:…

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Asi Burak

Asi Burak is Co-President at Games for Change, the leading global advocate of digital social impact games. He develops programs to raise the quality and influence of social impact games and produces the Annual Games for Change Festival, dubbed “the Sundance of Video Games.” Asi works with organizations that are developing digital games to further…

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Corwin Green

Corwin Green is an educator and communications designer, whose focus is to investigate how collective power is created in design and art. A generalist, he works in print, environmental and digital platforms. He is fascinated by brand development and engagement, the function and dysfunction of cities, and the ways space can be augmented and manipulated.…

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Edwina Portocarrero

Edwina Portocarrero is a researcher, inventor, producer and designer working at the intersection of art, culture, technology, and society. She recently co-founded Super Market, a design and creative technology production and consulting agency working at the intersection of artistic practice, cultural production, and social good. Edwina obtained her Master’s and Ph.D. at the MIT Media…

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Emily Herrick

Emily Herrick is a design strategist with a practice grounded in curiosity and context currently working at the Service Design Studio at the Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity. She collaborates with city agencies, employing the methods of design research + service design, to improve upon public services with an eye towards inclusivity, accessibility, and delightful user experience. She…

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Esther Y. Kang

Esther Y. Kang is an independent educator, researcher, and strategist. She works at the intersection of social justice, public policy, and civic innovation by designing resident-centered policies and user-friendly services with teams across sectors. Recent collaborators include Bloomberg Philanthropies’ What Works Cities and The OpenGov Foundation. Recent projects include the first design research project at…

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Hannah du Plessis

Hannah du Plessis is principal at Fit Associates, a firm that equips communities to create better futures for themselves. Hannah’s belief in human potential, tempered by the raw reality of growing up in violent, segregated South Africa, fuels her dedication to the field of social innovation. As a student, Hannah led the merging of two schools…

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Jaimie Cloud

Jaimie P. Cloud is the founder and president of the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education in New York City and a pioneer in the field of Education for Sustainability (EfS). She writes and publishes extensively and consults, coaches, and teaches in schools and school districts around the world. She’s developed curriculum units, full courses of…

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