9/22/2022 Fall ’22 Designer in Residence: Karen Proctor, Improv Lab


Friends with Death

Luciana Rodrigues (2019) Focusing on helping young people who have lost a parent give their grief a sense of purpose. Process Paper: (PDF)


Corinne Reynolds, Danielle Shepard & Mary Beth Lumley (2019) A digital community organizer that equips citizens with the proven tools and expertise of professional activists – turning them into instruments of change. Process Paper: (PDF)

The {In}Dependent Project

Rutvika Gupta (2019) A grassroots initiative that helps dependent spouses activate citizens in their community to take action for their right to work. Process Paper: (PDF)

The Offline Social Club

Rachel Cho (2019) By promoting self-discovery through creative self-care, the Offline Social Club creates guilt-free opportunities for moms of children living with chronic illness to decompress and give back to their community. Process Paper: (PDF)

The Lone eSportsman

Jisheng Chen (2019) To tackle gaming toxicity and create a safer and more inclusive online environment, Jisheng Chen co-designed with NYC’s gaming community a social role playing game that encourages conversation, builds safe boundaries and cultivates sportsmanship within eSports communities. Process Paper: (PDF)


Jessica Panicola (2019) A participatory assessment for small businesses to improve the trauma-sensitivity of their spaces and increase accessibility. Process Paper: (PDF)

See Your Superpower

Wenqi Zheng (2019) Providing visually impaired teenagers with a stage to build their confidence, from pretend to reality. Process Paper: (PDF)


Pratiksha Rathi (2019) An educational program that makes high school students aware of fast fashion waste and inspires them to re-purpose their existing clothing through pop-up schools. Process Paper: (PDF)

Camp Sharon & Karen

Zachary Narva (2019) An event for parents of trans and gender nonconforming kids to process their own personal experience of their kid’s transition in the supportive, judgment-free setting of summer camp. Process Paper: (PDF)

From the Block

Jelynne Morse, Zoe Bordenet (2019) A civic engagement tool supporting grassroots activists advocating for the use of local knowledge to shape city policies. Process Paper: (PDF)

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