9/22/2022 Fall ’22 Designer in Residence: Karen Proctor, Improv Lab


Creating a Social Movement around Women’s Health

Step-by-step makeup tutorials posted to YouTube receive millions of views from women who want help with their beauty routines. We decided to flip the message of a typical makeup tutorial to reveal the ugly truth — women are unknowingly harming their health every single day, just by applying their makeup.

Culture Cues

by Martha Berry

“Supplied with tools that simplify and clarify details of American life, resettled refugees are better equipped to start their new lives with the confidence and capabilities they need to succeed.”

Desire and Reality

Desire and Reality Cecilia Wang & Sky Wei An educational program that helps college students to be more aware of their shopping habits by shifting the way they shop for their sense of security and self-worth.


by Renzo J. Perez-Acosta

“Diffuse is a project based on curbing the rampant growing rate of bike theft here in NYC.”


by MK Loomis

“Using a buddy system to build accountability among friends to go to the doctor to stop ignoring their health and wellness.”


Yun Ang Tsai (2019) A community helping dogs go into forever loving homes from shelters by telling real stories of the rescue world in a new and engaging experience. Process Paper: (PDF)

Eat Everything

by Josh Treuhaft

“Inspiring and empowering anyone who cooks and eats to make the most of the food in their lives.”

El Encargo

by Sebastian Barrera

“Creating a channel for the new generation of Colombians abroad to reconnect with the country in a direct exchange of knowledge.”


by Grace Hsieh

“Fishwish™ is a mobile app that strives to disrupt the food scene by offering a new way to empower eco-eaters to make more sustainable choices.”

Flying Solo Salon

Lang Qin (2018) In China, the term “leftover women” is a slur identifying women who have passed the usual age of marriage. Flying Solo Salon is an identity and community building program that helps women challenge the stigma. Process Paper: (PDF)

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