DSI Reflecting on Summer 2022’s Community Design for Leaders Course


Healthy Masculinity Forum

Healthy Masculinity Forum Damian Ashton An online community hub for men to connect and explore healthy masculinity through a digital forum as well as downloadable meetup toolkit for them to take their conversations offline and into their local communities.


Unfair Aditi Kapre & Kartik Krishnan Unfair is aimed towards reimagining a more equitable future state of mainstream Indian media, by building radical inclusivity to shift the age old colourist narrative that paints fair skin as superior and more desirable to dark skin.


REBUILDERS Jiangyi Yu & Sarah Huang Rebuilders aims to tackle the increasing waste crisis by questioning the way people deal with waste and reframe the possibility. To achieve the goal, we create an educational play program to cultivate children’s creative power to develop new mindsets on the value of waste. Through a series of actionable…

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Desire and Reality

Desire and Reality Cecilia Wang & Sky Wei An educational program that helps college students to be more aware of their shopping habits by shifting the way they shop for their sense of security and self-worth.

Power is Local

Power is Local Catherine Mazzocchi & Jennifer Ulloa Power is Local builds Black, Latinx, & Spanish-speaking Northern Manhattan community power, to ensure that people most impacted by energy insecurity’s increasingly harmful effects on community wellbeing can develop critical policy action.


PRETTY/UGLY Tianyue Zhang & Tara Maurice PRETTY/UGLY is radically rethinking sustainability through content creation, live events, and strategic collaborations in work that communicates the interdependence of man and nature. With a sense of urgency and possibility, PRETTY/UGLY’s work makes clear: “there is no garbage in nature.”

SHE Co-Lab

Umila Singh (2019) A program that creatively aligns the needs of survivors of domestic violence with community resources to generate a network of support. Process Paper: (PDF)

Condoms 101 Project

Yuwen Wang, Xujun Wang (2019) A new conversation of condom-use for gay men in Beijing colleges that will overcome the current stigma and encourage safety. Process Paper: (PDF)


Yun Ang Tsai (2019) A community helping dogs go into forever loving homes from shelters by telling real stories of the rescue world in a new and engaging experience. Process Paper: (PDF)

Identity Explorers

Danielle Hernandez (2019) Guiding interracial families through co-learning about ethnic-racial identity to document a shared narrative so that white parents take action in instilling a positive understanding in their multiracial children. Process Paper: (PDF)

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