9/22/2022 Fall ’22 Designer in Residence: Karen Proctor, Improv Lab


Art Portal

Art Portal Laura Ceron Melo “Art Portal is an art-centered online platform by and for people with justice involvement that seeks to (a) elevate their voices and artwork, (b) raise awareness about the important role of art and community in the reentry and criminal legal fields, and (c) help change the narrative about people with…

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Side by Side

Side by Side Nishita Chheda & Alyson Fraser Diaz “Side By Side” is a system of tools and resources that supports the healing process for survivors of sexual violence and their loved ones. The goal of the project is to reimagine long-term support for people who have experienced sexual violence by strengthening interpersonal support.

Hey Lady

Hey Lady Sherrie Shao “Hey Lady” is a project to help facilitate conversations on sexual and reproductive health among Chinese immigrant women.

Bersama-sama: Healthy To(gather)

Bersama-sama: Healthy To(gather) Esther Jingxin Yip Bersama-sama: Healthy To(gather) is a collaborative field guide to grow relational care in Singapore’s low-income rental neighbourhoods, through community-centered gatherings around health and nutrition. Using meaningful dialogue and creative facilitation, we nurture equitable relationships with communities━ unveiling and appreciating personal stories, natural networks and collective wisdom.

The Missing Ingredient

The Missing Ingredient Nidhi Desai “The Missing Ingredient” is a community space to support the work of New York Common Pantry. It aims to educate, persuade and facilitate conversations which are moderated by nutrition educators about local, seasonal and traditional foods with parents/caregivers to bring nutrition security for them and their families in order to…

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Rural & Online Education

Rural & Online Education Zhiqiang Li & Annan Yang Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, online education has been greatly developed. Teachers have made a lot of interesting attempts on online education and have achieved remarkable teaching results. As a form of education that can transcend time and space constraints, online education can…

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Hundred on 100

Hundred on 100 Veda Borgave “Hundred on 100” reimagines community support for young adults with Type 1 Diabetes in India. It is a set of tools curated by the community, for the community along with a framework to provide smoother transitions and changes to their lives.

Semillas: Seeding Change

Semillas: Seeding Change Monica Tarriba A set of creative motivational tools for middle school students in rural communities in Mexico that will support, expose and activate students to create an empowered vision of their future self.

Break the Wall

Break the Wall Kexin Lyu This project aims to build a more inclusive educational environment at SVA to help Chinese International Students with limited English proficiency overcome the language barrier and cultural differences so that they can easily communicate with local English speakers and engage in the host community.


Known Danielle Skinn Opening conversation about healthy sexuality with LDS Single Adults.

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