9/22/2022 Fall ’22 Designer in Residence: Karen Proctor, Improv Lab


Just Beecause

by Nayla Attar

“As a result of the plight of the honey bee, through the spirit of collaboration, I want to empower one other to take initiative towards environmental action.”

Wear Slow Clothes

by Stephen Bernasconi

“A way to connect consumers to people who design, produce, and sell locally made clothes.”

New Market

by Chelsea Wagner

“A co-created, worker-owned marketplace where refugees learn to convert their talents and cultural assets to economic opportunities.”

The Conscious Giving

by Gabriela Reygadas

“Giving Empowerment Non-Profits the communication tools to engage the supporters they need to thrive.”

Meet Mrs. White

by Andrea Nuñez

“Employing silver to grow the market for a shrinking craft heritage in Mexico.”

Common Ground Convention

by Ruchika Muchhala

“Design a framework to bring together community members from opposing sides of the tracking debate, so that they can identify their shared concerns and make decisions for their community on common grounds.”

Toward a Sustainable Non-Urban

by Norah Maki

“Create a visual language that re-unites nature and metaphor to map intersecting social, environmental and technological systems.”


by MK Loomis

“Using a buddy system to build accountability among friends to go to the doctor to stop ignoring their health and wellness.”

Chalk Circle Change

by Carl Landegger

“We are a social movement circling litter with sidewalk chalk within the public space to make the statement that we all want to live in a cleaner environment.”

Hello Random Stranger

by Joseph Kwesiga

“I wanted to create an environment that encourages the sharing of thoughts and experiences that often go unseen and unheard amongst strangers.”

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