9/22/2022 Fall ’22 Designer in Residence: Karen Proctor, Improv Lab



Kehan Zhang Ecoffee – Kehan Zhang (Process Paper) NYC ECOFFEE is a collaborative guide that aims to increase the number and use of sustainable coffee shops in NYC by guiding customers and coffee shop owners to recognize the connection between coffee culture and nature.

Yes, And: Personal Practice in Community Centered Design

Jenny Lin Yes, And – Jenny Lin (Process Paper) “Yes, And: A Personal Practice in Community-Centered Design” is an introspective examination of the designer’s role when working within traditional institutions of power, particularly city government. If designers are facilitators of process, how do their own practices of equity, justice, and liberation show up to ultimately…

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Dori Jacobson Sonder – Dori Jacobson (Process Paper) Sonder: noun. The realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. This thesis uplifts the shared experience of being in a women’s body and aims to hold space for the community and conversations that need to exist in order…

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Autism in the Future

Autism in the Future Yiran Guo “Autism in the Future” aims to build a more inclusive environment for students on the Autism spectrum in China to help them build a better future by changing the perceptions and raising the awareness of autism in society.

Museum Unmuted

Museum Unmuted Shuyu Fang “Museum Unmuted” aims to amplify museum BIPOC staff’s voices by connecting them with designers/artists to help them create visual stories. The goal by doing so is to stimulate conversation and an understanding of BIPOC staff’s experiences among the public.

Rooted Restaurants

Rooted Restaurants Evan Ressegger, Qingyi Bridget Qian & Dasha Zlochesvky “Rooted Restaurants” is reimagining restaurant resilience. The project focuses on local solutions and tools to co-create community restaurant resilience. The goal is to increase communications between restaurants on Avenue B in the East Village and their respective communities.

More Than One

More Than One Hailey Feng “More Than One” is creating an environment where Chinese young women can support each other and build a community to cope with body shaming.

From Harm to Harmony: Designing Reformative Principles for Missionary Work

From Harm to Harmony: Designing Reformative Principles for Missionary Work Sohoon Yi “From Harm to Harmony” aims to build reformative mission principles by considering cultural diversity and reduce harm to their engaged population.

Nihao(Hello), Friends

Nihao(Hello), Friends Sharon Qianwen Xing “Nihao(Hello), Friends” aims to enrich senior Chinese immigrants’ lives in New York City by building a community to reduce social isolation caused by the pandemic.

___ Around: Connecting with Urban Wildlife

___ Around: Connecting with Urban Wildlife Jacqueline Bao “___ Around” is a project that calls for heightened awareness of urban wildlife in NYC, aiming to create a relationship and foster healthy coexistence between wildlife and humans.

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