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Ben Norskov and Mohini Dutta from Antidote (and DSI Games for Impact instructors, Spring 2022) facilitated a workshop called “Co-design: Workshopping Equity and Iterating with Humans for a Future with All of Us in it”.

DSI students and faculty explored codesign as a process to generate capabilities and tools to collaborate with communities and support participation in the design process.

By their definition, the co-design practice hinges on a few core values:

Equity: the idea of designing with, not for.
Trust: primarily between stakeholders and designers.
Agency: the positioning of the designer as a facilitator, not an expert.
Clear communication: keeping processes transparent and well-defined.

We continue to grow, iterate, and refine our practices together.

Connect with Antidote - Ben Norskov & Freya Mohini Dutta

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