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Amazonia Climate Installation – Earth Day

Come check out Grey Area Collective’s Amazonia climate prepper store from the future @shopamazonia

When:  April 14th – all day!
Where: Union Square NYC

We are joining dozens of other climate justice advocates, artists, and speakers!

On Sunday, April 14, a thought-provoking art installation will debut at the Earth Day 2024 Festival in New York City’s Union Square, challenging our perceptions of convenience, and confronting the harsh realities of climate change. Amazonia—a worst-case scenario pop-up by the Grey Area Collective—is not your typical art installation. It’s a meticulously designed dystopian experience disguised as a pop-up delivery truck showcasing the “Amazonia Basics” collection; a range of speculative products designed for a future ravaged by unchecked consumerism and rampant disregard for the planet.

Imagine a world where unchecked consumerism and corporate greed reign supreme, and the consequences of our “one-click” convenience culture manifest in tangible ways. This is the world Amazonia 3.0 invites us to explore. The exhibit’s centerpiece is a mock delivery truck stocked with the “Amazonia Basics” collection, which features everyday objects designed for a new reality.

Designed with the support of SVA’s MFA Design for Social Innovation students and faculty. Grey Area Collective were the department’s Fall 2023 designers in residence.

@earthdayinitiative @wearegreyareacollective

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