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AAAAH! (Asian Artists and Activists Hub)

Art Exhibition

At AAAAH!, we will invite more than 10 emerging Asian artists from around the world to showcase their works and share their stories. We are committed to providing a platform with international influence for Asian artists so that their voices can be heard and their works can be seen.

Design Fair

Composed of designers and brands, the art fair will provide high-quality designs and artworks with the most innovative and aesthetic features, showcasing unique cultural charm and aesthetic styles. We are committed to attracting art and life lovers by featuring outstanding Asian designs and lifestyles.

Arts Salon

We will invite practitioners who use art and design to address issues related to Asian communities. Through global live broadcasts, they will share their artistic exploration stories, experiences, and insights. The inspirational and exploratory platform aims to stimulate people’s ideas and creativity while providing valuable resources and networking opportunities for Asian communities.


This event will take place from Saturday, April 21 to Sunday, April 22, 2023.

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