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The annual DSI Thesis Show presentations will be held on Tuesday, May 7th, from 11am to 3pm at the SVA Theater.

Please join us as the Class of 2019 presents their thesis projects.

Watch Here

Thesis Projects

Camp Sharon & Karen

An event for parents of trans and gender nonconforming kids to process their own personal experience of their kid’s transition in the supportive, judgment-free setting of summer camp.

Green text reading


An image of a banana with a condom on the end of it over a pink background.

Condoms 101 Project

A new conversation of condom-use for gay men in Beijing colleges that will overcome the current stigma and encourage safety.

An icon of an abstract dog snout drawn in orange with the text


A community helping dogs go into forever loving homes from shelters by telling real stories of the rescue world in a new and engaging experience.

Bronze letters over a mint green background reading

Friends with Death

Focusing on helping young people who have lost a parent give their grief a sense of purpose.

From the Block

A civic engagement tool supporting grassroots activists advocating for the use of local knowledge to shape city policies.

White text reading:

Identity Explorers

Guiding interracial families through co-learning about ethnic-racial identity to document a shared narrative so that white parents take action in instilling a positive understanding in their multiracial children.

Black letters reading


An educational program that makes high school students aware of fast fashion waste and inspires them to re-purpose their existing clothing through pop-up schools.

A multicolored line graphic with the text


A participatory assessment for small businesses to improve the trauma-sensitivity of their spaces and increase accessibility.


A data-driven service that enables companies and working parents to build an equitable workplace together.

See Your Superpower

Providing visually impaired teenagers with a stage to build their confidence, from pretend to reality.

A drawing of two women posing next to text reading:

SHE Co-Lab

A program that creatively aligns the needs of survivors of domestic violence with community resources to generate a network of support.

Magenta text over a navy background reading:

The {In}Dependent Project

A grassroots initiative that helps dependent spouses activate citizens in their community to take action for their right to work.

Multicolored text reading:

The Lone eSportsman

To tackle gaming toxicity and create a safer and more inclusive online environment, Jisheng Chen co-designed with NYC’s gaming community a social role playing game that encourages conversation, builds safe boundaries and cultivates sportsmanship within eSports communities.

A crest with the inscription

The Offline Social Club

By promoting self-discovery through creative self-care, the Offline Social Club creates guilt-free opportunities for moms of children living with chronic illness to decompress and give back to their community.

A small white circle over an abstract colorful background. Inside the circle reads

The Slow Hands Lab

A program to help Su Embroidery artists increase their economic opportunities and have their value acknowledged by pairing them in collaboration with New York-based contemporary designers.

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