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The Pirates

“The Pirates” is a collaborative, safe space for first-generation Korean immigrant women who relocated to New York City seeking sanctuary from the prevalent gender discrimination in South Korea. Women of The Pirates collectively recount migration experiences, celebrate achievements and identities, and document the contemporary narrative of their history, envisioning how to navigate the seas of life in the future with fearless determination, propagating love and courage in our wake.

Hwayong Shin

Hwayong is a graphic designer and a feminist activist who born, raised and mostly based in Seoul, South Korea. She has been spending many years in student union and feminist activist’s group, and graphic design has been her most effective weapon. She likes to collaborate with experts in various fields, from Seoul’s underground culture to feminism, and make meaningful results. She loves printed matters and believe the power of they have. Her goal is becoming a professional activist with strong roots in graphic design, based in the world.

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