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DSI 2023

Lettuce: Eat Together

Lettuce: Eat Together is a series of dinners aimed at creating a guide to reducing food waste. Participants can share their surplus food with others and organize dinner events in their community to cook and enjoy dishes made from leftover food. The events also include interactive games and educational activities that help participants learn about food waste and raise awareness about the issue. By monitoring changes in people’s thoughts and behaviors before and after the events, this approach aims to promote a zero-waste community by raising people’s awareness of food waste and encouraging them to take action to reduce it in their daily lives.

Kexin (Catherine) Zhang

Kexin is joining DSI from Beijing, China, where she grew up. She has an undergraduate degree in digital media and arts, which helped her discover an interest in UX/UI design, video editing, and intelligent hardware.

Kexin believes the value of design is solving social problems effectively, and improving life conditions while also progressing society. Specifically, she focuses on designing for people with disabilities and ways she can benefit public good through intelligent product design. To her, the hardest and most important step is finding valuable problems to solve between humans and society; once that is established, various methods may follow to solve it.

Overall, Kexin wants to help those in need and make the world a better place, and hopes her individual efforts will contribute to a more ideal society.

Ziyuan (Jessie) Wang

Ziyuan is from Beijing, China. She achieved her bachelor degree in visual communication design, multimedia network communication design program from Beijing University of Technology. For the past year she has worked as commercial designer and brand designer for internet company and technology company. Ziyuan is passionate about art, ui/ux and service design, She intends to use her time at DSI to explore more areas of society, and use design to help more people in the future.

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