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Chuyao Geng

Chuyao Geng is from China with a Bachelors in Communication Engineering from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. During undergraduate, she felt engineering was not enough to solve the problems she had seen while volunteering as a teacher in impoverished neighborhoods. She wants to use design strategies and technology to create new and efficient ways for learning.

Ishita Jain

Ishita Jain is a graduate of the Ceramic and Glass Design program at the National Institute of Design in India; before that, she completed a BA in Lifestyle Accessory Design. Her thesis project “Design for Change”, which focused on design as a tool for community empowerment, received the Design for Asia Student Award 2012 at the Hong Kong Design Centre. In working with artisans on the ground, and high net worth clients, she is interested in exploring the role of design in creating models to sustain a more equal creative economy that benefits all stakeholders justly.

Since graduating from DSI, Ishita moved to San Francisco, California where she works in the field of philanthropy. Specifically, she is building an impact measurement practice for the Autodesk Foundation as their impact insights and analysis manager. Alongside her impact assessment work, she has completed a project highlighting methods to support worker success in the age of automation.

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