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Because of guilty nagging feelings, NYC working professionals hardly take proper renewal breaks. The negative impact of skipped breaks culminates in increases in fatigue and decreases in productivity. Wonder eases into professionals’ daily routines by helping them take micro, renewal breaks. Approaching in a humane and personal way, Wonder allows professionals to embrace the work-rest cycle by enjoying the getaway activities, while taking breaks from the endless hours spent on the computer. In addition, professionals can share their experiences with colleagues by encouraging the culture of taking renewal breaks. Ultimately, Wonder provides impact metrics to enable users to visualize their progress and the salutary effects of their daily renewal breaks.

Claire Kim

Claire (Kyungjin) Kim grew up in South Korea and studied graphic design at the Maryland Institute College of Art before transferring to SVA, where she earned a BFA in Advertising. After graduation, she worked as a creative at an ad agency but quickly discovered that she wanted to use her ideas to help communities in need. She’s dedicated to understanding how people and is working hard at DSI to use those insights to create positive change.

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