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Spring 2023

Zishu Zhou

Professor, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing

Lecture Date: March 22, 2023

About The Lecture

About Zishu Zhou

Zishu Zhou is a prominent multidisciplinary designer from Beijing, China. He currently
serves as an associate professor at the Design School of the Central Academy of Fine
Arts (CAFA), and he is the founder of the Digua Community. Digua means sweet potato
in English. Zishu Zhou’s background in visual communication design and narrative
environment design has allowed him to bring a unique perspective to his work and
explore the connection between design and humanity. Digua community has become a
benchmark for underground space renovation and urban micro-renewal. The community
promotes a people-centered approach to urban planning and design and encourages
resident participation in the creation of shared urban spaces. And, Zishu Zhou has
received several accolades for his innovative work, including being named one of the
global best social innovation cases by the Parsons School of Design in 2019. Zishu
Zhou is also a highly respected figure in the design world and continues to inspire
innovation and creativity in his students and colleagues.

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