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Spring 2023

Rinat Sherzer

MFA DSI '16, Social Innovation in Israel

Lecture Date: January 25, 2023

About The Lecture

About Rinat Sherzer

Rinat Sherzer has spent her career tackling complex social issues around equality, diversity and inclusion. Rinat is an interdisciplinary biotech engineer, social entrepreneur, and service design strategist. She’s currently the head of the Design Management and Innovation track in Bezelel, Israel, for Industrial Design (M.Des). Rinat is the head of the Design and Innovation department at Wix and is the founder of her studio, Of Course Global. Using biomimicry and human-centered design, her latest project explores how “nature-inspired solutions” can lead to a healthier planet and human equality. Rinat holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology Engineering from Ben-Gurion University, Israel and an MFA in Design for Social Innovation from SVA, NY.

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