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Spring 2022

Kara Meyer

Managing Director, +POOL

Lecture Date: April 6, 2022

About the lecture

Kara Meyer is Managing Director at +POOL, where she oversees the development of the world’s first water-filtering, floating swimming pool in NYC’s East River. Kara shares about the history of swimming pools in NYC as well as programs and challenges of this aquatic, community-focused innovation.

About Kara Meyer

Student Questions

How do you establish cooperation with people in different fields, such as experts in chemistry, marine and biology?

How do you measure the impact of + pool on people's environmental awareness?

What are the challenges that really seemed insurmountable but in hindsight might not be so? How did you overcome them and what was the mindset that led you through it?

What are your future plans with POOL? Do you plan to expand to such countries such as India or find partners to do so?

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