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Where They Are Now: A Look at Our Alums

It’s the end of another school year, and for this newsletter, we’re focusing not on what goes on inside our program, but on what our graduates are doing out in the world. We have always defined success as more than the number of students who come to get their graduate degree here, but also on…

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You Can Come Home Again: Alums Return for a Special Lecture Night

Alumni Pragya Mishra, Josh Treuhaft, Rhea Rakshit, Sebastian Barrera and Akshata Malhotra returned to DSI last month for an exchange of knowledge and insights at the DSI Global Guest Lecture. They spoke to both current cohorts about their jobs, their journey, their passions, the wicked problems they’re working to solve, and how what they learned at DSI is helping them succeed.

How Alums Are Putting Social Design to Work

The first or second question people inevitably ask us is, “What are your alums doing? What kind of jobs do they get?” We thought the best way to answer those questions is by showing you here, and letting you see what our graduates have to say about how they’re using what they learned at DSI…

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The Power of a Thesis in Design for Social Innovation

In a matter of weeks, our third class will present their thesis projects on stage at the SVA Beatrice Theater. One of the unique aspects of DSI is the diversity of our students, in their interests, their experiences and the cultures from which they come. Twenty-four countries (and counting) have been represented, with interests as…

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Get the Inside Scoop at MFA DSI

Join us for the “Inside Scoop” series, where faculty and alumni will answer questions about the program and offer their lived experience. The second webinar will take place on Wednesday, January 16 at 12 pm EST. This webinar will feature Archie Lee Coates IV, faculty member, founder of the multi-disciplinary creative practice PLAYLAB, INC. and…

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Josh Treuhaft

“Why I came? I was interested in using design to do something that mattered other than selling more products of some sort, I guess. I had been working in a consumer insights consulting, like in a marketing consulting firm for a while and I was getting a little tired of doing that work and so…

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Life After DSI: Josh Treuhaft

One can well imagine that the typical DSI applicant is an idealist. We who are interested in what Daniel Pinchbeck once called the ‘brilliantly nebulous’ field of Design for Social Innovation are those who are imagining the world as a different and hopefully better place. But alumnae Josh Treuhaft explains that while our program might attract idealists, it eventually makes pragmatists out of them.

A Report from Open House No. Five; an Invitation for International Applicants

It wasn’t all that long ago that our first open house took place with a handful of faculty, in a temporary space, with no current students or student work to show. That was our first reception, before DSI opened, way back in 2012. This year, everything but the pioneering spirit and commitment to a career that benefits the world was different than that first gathering.

A Night of DSI Past, Present, and Future

Last Wednesday for the Global Guest Lecture, both new and old converged for an evening of DSI alumni, current, and newly accepted students. E​xchang​​​ing ​insights​, wisdom, and current/post DSI life tips, our community continues to grow and strengthen. We are excited to see what will come next. Alums included Josh Treuhaft ’14 Founder of Salvage…

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Alumni Night

speakers: Pragya Mishra (’15), Josh Treuhaft (’14), Rhea Rakshit (’15), Sebastian Barrera (’14), Akshata Malhotra (’15)
titles: DSI Alumni
date: April 20, 2016
subject: Alums Return for a Special Lecture Night

136 W 21st St,
5th Fl.
New York, NY 10011
(212) 592–2205