9/22/2022 Fall ’22 Designer in Residence: Karen Proctor, Improv Lab


David Fenton

speaker: David Fenton
title: Founder and CEO, Fenton Communications
date: April 29, 2015
subject: A Communications Plan for Climate Change

Kerri Kelly

speaker: Kerri Kelly
title: Founder, CTZNWELL
date: April 22, 2015
subject: Unleashing People Power for the Well Being of All

Jennifer Gootman

speaker: Jennifer Gootman
title: Director of Social Consciousness & Innovation, West Elm
date: April 15, 2015
subject: Social Consciousness at West Elm

Tirtza Even

main speaker: Tirtza Even
title: Director, Natural Life
date: April 8, 2015
subject: Natural Life film screening and panel: Four Global Experts on Youth Incarceration

Gabriele Donati and Ted Wallach

speakers: TimeRepublik
titles: Gabriele Donati - CEO and Co-founder, TimeRepublik; Ted Wallach - Strategist & Magician
date: April 1, 2015
subject: Time Banking

Leetha Filderman

speaker: Leetha Filderman
title: President and COO, PopTech
date: April 1, 2015
subject: When I Grow Up I Want to Save the World

Jake Porway

speaker: Jake Porway
title: Founder, DataKind
date: March 25, 2015
subject: Data for the Best of Intentions

Jennifer Holt

speaker: Jennifer Holt
title: acting CEO, Building Markets; International Aid consultant
date: March 18, 2015
subject: What's Wrong With International Aid?

Alex Gladstein

speaker: Alex Gladstein
title: Director of Institutional Affairs, Human Rights Foundation; VP of Strategy, Oslo Freedom Forum
date: March 11, 2015
subject: North Korea

Schuyler Brown

speaker: Schuyler Brown
title: Strategy Director, Sightful; Faculty Member, DSI
date: February 25, 2015
subject: Gender by Design

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