9/22/2022 Fall ’22 Designer in Residence: Karen Proctor, Improv Lab


Natasha Blank

speaker: Natasha Blank
title: DJ; Founder, The Get Down
date: Fall 2013
subject: Natasha Blank Encourages DSI Students to Find Their Groove

Bill Browning

speaker: Bill Browning
title: Founder, Terrapin
date: Fall 2013
subject: Designing built environments that make nature and humans resilient.

Susan Davis

speaker: Susan Davis
title: Founder, BRAC
date: Fall 2013
subject: On founding BRAC.

Amy Hall

speaker: Amy Hall
title: Director of Social Consciousness, Eileen Fisher Company
date: Fall 2013
subject: What real consciousness in fashion looks like.

Emily Jacobi

speaker: Emily Jacobi
title: Co-Founder and Executive Director, Digital Democracy
date: Fall 2013
subject: Using Technology for Human Rights

Nathaniel Koloc

speaker: Nathaniel Koloc
title: Co-Founder and CEO, ReWork Jobs
date: Fall 2013
subject: Finding work with purpose.

Lance Lindblom

speaker: Lance Lindblom
title: President, The Nathan Cummings Foundation
date: Fall 2013
subject: A view of the world from the funder’s perspective.

Nancy Lublin

speaker: Nancy Lublin
title: Founder, and Dress for Success
date: Fall 2013
subject: The Dynamics of Change

Dr. Paul Polak

speaker: Dr. Paul Polak
title: Founder, IDE and Design for the Other 90%
date: Fall 2013
subject: The Business Solution to Poverty

Dave Rapaport

speaker: Dave Rapaport
title: VP of Earth and Community Care, Aveda
date: Fall 2013

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