DSI Catching up with Danielle Hernandez (’19)


The V Store: A Unique Pop-Up Store for Women’s Health

Don’t miss Maia Kaufman’s thesis pop-up, The V Store, March 11th–13th! It’s a comprehensive, approachable concept store for sexual and reproductive healthcare products, services, and information, staffed with sex educators and medical professionals. Curated products address all women’s needs from menstruation to menopause and beyond.

Harlem First: Mapping the Health of a Community

Stay tuned for more information and a recap of the Harlem First Symposium.


Imagine if we had a screwdriver to turn back the effects of climate change; or a wrench for squeezing wars to a close; or pliers for pinching off the spread of disease; or a level for leveling social injustice? We imagined, come see.

Winter Show 2014

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