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DSI Students Are Designing Better Patient Experiences in Indian Government Hospitals

As Design for Social Innovation students, we’re constantly reminded of our responsibility to be social – to deliberately involve people in our projects, both in the design process and in our imagination of their impacts. We want to share a powerful experience we had while working on our thesis project, which seeks to improve the interaction between doctors and patients in government hospitals in India.

The American Dream in Black and White — Designing a Just Economy

Within the international development community, there is a growing interest in the role that design can play in solving poverty and injustice. The Gates Foundation has commissioned a study to better understand how to integrate design thinking into its work, and a recent request for a proposal from the U.K.’s Department for International Development (DFID) was riddled with the acronym HCD (human centered design.)

Social Innovation in Kenya: No Translation Necessary

Even before I packed my bags and headed to New York to enroll at DSI, I’ve had to explain what design for social innovation means to everyone from my grandpa to my coworkers to my landlord.  I’ve practiced a variety of different versions of my spiel, so when I decided to spend the summer in…

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Raj Panjabi: Ebola’s Legacy Can Be a Thriving Community Health System

Raj Panjabi, CEO Last Mile Health We need more people thinking like this. We love you Raj Panjabi!

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