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Cheryl Heller Delivers Keynote at Maine Startup & Create Week

Cheryl Heller, Founding Chair of Design for the Social Innovation Department at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and founder of CommonWise, reminded us of the ongoing importance of being around people and fostering relationships. She also explains why creative entrepreneurs are excited for every new day.

To Lean or Not to Lean: Faculty Member Despina Papadopoulos Tackles Gender Disparity in the Tech World

Mediaocean held a panel of esteemed women in technology during Internet Week last May to discuss the gender disparity in the tech field.

I Was a Futurist, Until I Realized There May Not Be a Future

The clock has run out on the climate change debate. It's time for predictions to give way to radical action.

DSI Faculty and Students Help Create an Interactive Exhibition Attacking Rape Culture

DSI Faculty Lina Srivastava and students Margarita Korol & David Rojas co-production of the exhibition “Priya’s Shakti” featured on MSNBC.

Where Ideas Really Come From | Unreasonable.is

Big data — the accumulated connections, movements, downloads, purchases, and so on of the 6.8 billion people using some sort of connected device — has made it possible for scientists to study the human species in the same way they study tagged animals in their natural environments.

Cheryl Heller on Prototyping | Unreasonable.is

Spoiler Alert: This post has been stripped of all jargon and confusing methodological taxonomies in order to protect its meaning. An attempt has been made to communicate at the cutting edge of common sense.

Cheryl Heller on Big Business | Unreasonable.is

One of the memorable moments from my time mentoring at the Unreasonable Institute was in a room filled with fellows and mentors. A social innovation fellow began to trash big business as the enemy of good — blaming the corporate world as the cause of all the ills we’re working to rectify.

Cheryl Heller on What Women are Worth: Busting Negative Stereotypes for More Money and Power | AIGA Eye on Design

“What Women are Worth: Money and Power Will Not Come Through Legislation but by Busting Negative Stereotypes,” by Cheryl Heller, originally ran in AIGA’s The Journal in 1992 (vol. 9, no. 4). It’s part of a series in which we invite a new generation of design critics to page through our archives and respond to an article of their choice. Check back in a week for the next installment in this conversation between past and present.

An interview redux: A graduate program for visionaries

A little over five years ago, I was interviewed by PopTech’s editorial staff about a masters program that I had already spent two years developing, and that had not yet launched. Looking back at the hopes I had and the assumptions I made is an opportunity to ruminate on the difference between what we imagine, the plans we make to get there, and how reality aligns (or doesn’t) with them.

Hyperakt Lunch Talks with Cheryl Heller

Cheryl Heller is the Founding Chair of the first MFA program in Design for Social Innovation at SVA and founder of CommonWise. She’s taught creativity to leaders and organizations around the world, helped grow businesses from small regional enterprises to multi-billion global market leaders, launched category-redefining divisions and products, reinvigorated moribund cultures, and designed strategies for dozens of successful entrepreneurs.

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