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Welcoming Liz Jackson and Alex Haagaard: Designers in Residence for Fall 2020

We are very excited to announce our designers in residence for the Fall 2020 semester: Liz Jackson and Alex Haagaard of The Disabled List! Both have been working with SVA as instructors at MFA Products of Design, and we are looking forward to fostering a lasting collaboration with DSI moving forward. The duo kindly took…

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Faculty Lee-Sean Huang on How To Create Social Change: 3 Expert Storytelling Techniques

Sitting down to write this post, I thought about how I could talk about my experience in storytelling and social change for globesprouting readers. Exploring my stream of consciousness, I began reflecting on my recent visit to Hawai’i, which then gave me the inspiration for the following three insights on successful social change storytelling.

Cheryl Heller in PRINT Magazine, 56 Inspiring Designers Shaping Our World Today

Excerpt from PRINT Magazine’s Spring issue FAME HAS COME A LONG WAY since David Bowie first crooned about it. Fame is no longer a result of talent and hard work; it is a singular goal in and of itself. While the antics of 2000s Paris Hilton shocked those tracking celebrity culture, the Kardashian crew has…

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Cheryl Heller On What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Playwrights

At the Goddard College MFA program in Creative Writing, where I’m in my last semester, I was given something so useful for entrepreneurs that I had to take a break from my final manuscript to write this.

DSI Faculty Make More Waves with the World’s First Water-Filtering Floating Pool

Originally posted on Architectural Digest On Tuesday night, Brooklyn’s Wythe Hotel was the site of an unlikely pool party—specifically, a gala to celebrate the final research phase for + POOL, a four-year initiative to build a floating, water-filtering pool in New York’s Hudson or East River. Guests including architects Bjarke Ingels and Dominic Leong, restaurateur…

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DSI Faculty Asi Burak Offers Games For Social Good Webinar – tomorrow, August 20th

Tomorrow, August 20, Asi Burak will speak on video games and social good in an hour-long webinar. The first half will be dedicated to the talk and the second half to a Q&A session. Burak promotes games for social good through his annual Games for Change Festival.

Exploring The Edge, A Rural Retreat With DSI Faculty Hannah du Plessis and Marc Rettig

As our world changes, we feel the turning of times tugging at the certainty and comfort of the known. Sometimes it is necessary to look up from your to-do list and step onto the ledge of uncertainty. For this, we find no place better than the open and peaceful palm of Montana.

DSI Faculty Hannah du Plessis Speaks at 2015 #DareConf About Nonviolent Communication

Much of what passes for communication at work doesn’t connect us with our colleagues. When we diagnose, judge, or assert our status, we block empathy. Real communication isn’t a quest for control: it helps people to connect, learn from each other, and discover new possibilities.

Forwarding the Interest of Awesomeness in the Universe with DSI Faculty Lee-Sean Huang

“It shouldn’t be an either-or class divide between funders and people needing funds,” he said. “Awesome grants let me contribute without dealing with that old world of big galas and charity dinners that I don’t really relate to. We’re rogues giving to rogues. It’s misfit money for the weird and wonderful.”

DSI Faculty Moves Closer to Their Dream of Building Plus Pool

The East River is beautiful to look at, but would you wade into this water? Some say no, but Jeffrey Franklin has a vision and this is what it looks like. The +POOL is designed to filter the river water to make it swimmable, and it could end up at Hallets Point.

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