DSI Thesis Intensives: Facilitation 101


Alum Akshata Malhotra, ’15, Turned Her Thesis Project into a Career

Working in healthcare is something of a family business for Akshata Malhotra, who grew up in a small hospital in her native India, where both her parents are doctors. Initially, she didn’t think it would be her calling too. A graduate of the Strategic Design Management program at the National Institute of Design in India,…

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Gabi Reygadas, Class of ’14, is Creating Strategies for Social Innovation in Mexico

She came to DSI in the first class as a Fulbright Scholar, from a family devoted to social issues in Mexico City, and her dream was always to return to her native country to help its citizens. Now, Gabi is an Innovation Strategist at Cirklo, a design innovation agency there. She has learned that untangling…

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DSI Alum Pragya Mishra is Putting Design to Work in Healthcare

Pragya Mishra met her future employer at a DSI career fair, where she sparked a discussion about public health - the subject area of her DSI thesis - with Robert Fabricant, co-founder of Dalberg’s Design Impact Group (DIG).

DSI Alum Sebastian Barrera Integrates Design Into Development Organizations Around the World

Sebastian Barrera (class of ’14) came to DSI with two questions: What is the role of design in the public sector, humanitarian aid, and philanthropy? And how can I help integrate and validate design practice in these contexts? Through DSI and its network Sebastian is now a designer at the Design Impact Group (DIG) at…

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DSI Alum Rhea Rakshit is Making Fashion Transparent

Rhea Rakshit, Class of ’15, is talking about Project JUST, a recently launched online platform that allows shoppers to know how ethical their favorite fashion brands’ supply chain practices are.

DSI Alum Swar Raisinghani is Creating Better Patient-Centered Healthcare Systems

Swar Raisinghani, a graduate of DSI’s Class of ’15, is a Service Designer at the New York office of the global design and innovation consultancy Veryday, originally founded in Sweden almost 30 years ago. At Veryday, Swar is working to design a support service experience for patients with Alzheimer’s, a long-term and complex project.

DSI Alum Tanya Bhandari Helps Scale Innovation Around the World at UNICEF

Those who come to DSI imagine the world as a different and hopefully better place. Tanya Bhandari (Class of ’14) is putting that ambition to work in her role as a communication designer at UNICEF’s Innovation Unit in NYC.

Life After DSI: Josh Treuhaft

One can well imagine that the typical DSI applicant is an idealist. We who are interested in what Daniel Pinchbeck once called the ‘brilliantly nebulous’ field of Design for Social Innovation are those who are imagining the world as a different and hopefully better place. But alumnae Josh Treuhaft explains that while our program might attract idealists, it eventually makes pragmatists out of them.

Life After DSI: Monica Snellings

We are living in an age of rapid transformation and rethinking. Now more than ever, people around the world are questioning the way we’ve done things in the past, and have decided to envision a new future. But, in a world that moves fast — where there are no predictable outcomes — how do you define what skills are needed to change the world? There are no set pathways, no determined skill sets.

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