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Nick Chan’s (’18) Advice for Budding Social Designers: Adopt a Transition Mindset

Nicholas Chan (‘18) has certainly kept busy since graduating from DSI. Along with continuing to develop his joint thesis, he is currently working full-time as a Senior Design Strategist at Doblin: a human-centered design firm that helps companies address existing problems and seize potential opportunities for growth. These days, his work encompasses a combination of…

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Karina Davila (‘17) is Using Social Innovation for Economic Equity at Visa and Beyond

For the past year and a half, ‘17 Alum Karina Davila has been honing her skills in research and user experience design with Visa’s Innovation Centers in San Francisco. As their Senior UX Designer of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, her work varies from client to client, but the ultimate goal is advancing widespread financial inclusion…

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Catching up with Malé Sandoval, ‘18

Malé Sandoval, ‘18, has been working at Dalberg Design since she graduated from DSI. What began as contract work has become a full-time gig, with work that spans international development, from financial inclusion to agriculture to health and reproductive health work, for a number of different clients, such as Pragya Mishra and nowadays Stephen Morrison)…

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Yena Seo Lukac, ’16, Uses Social Design to Make Nanit’s Products Safer, Smarter

Yena Seo Lukac, ’16, wasn’t comfortable with the ambiguity of a career in social innovation. “But through DSI,” she said, “I became comfortable. And you kind of have to be if you want to be a changemaker, so I think (the program is) almost like a two year test period as well. How strongly do…

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Jade Broomfield, ’17, has Two Jobs. She Likes it That Way.

Jade cares deeply about social justice, and has made it the center of her career. She is a public access design fellow at the Center of Urban Pedagogy, a nonprofit organization that uses the power of design and art to increase meaningful civic engagement in New York City. But she’s also a graphic designer at…

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Emily Herrick, ’16, Designing Better Government

Emily Herrick, ’16, came to DSI with a clear goal: to design systems to help governments provide better services to citizens. “Social design is a complex practice,” she said. “Social innovation is a complex field. So I think if you are going to get an MFA in social design you need to have a sense…

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Sara Cornish is Playing Games for High Stakes

She came to DSI seeking new ways to create social impact, and instantly became a kind of emotional home plate for her cohort; the pioneering first class. She was the connector, the listener, the translator, the always ready smile. It came naturally to her. Now she’s putting all those qualities, as well as what she…

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Ivan Boscariol, ’16, is Bringing Social Design to the Public Sector in Brazil

Certain students exemplify the wisdom that what we get out of experiences is what we put in. Ivan engaged in DSI to the fullest. His curiosity, and his desire to make the most of his time with us drove him to take advantage of every opportunity for elective classes and workshops, conversations with speakers, engagement…

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MK Loomis,’14, is Having a Huge Career

She’s a senior product designer at the huge interaction design company conveniently called Huge, working in their Brooklyn office immediately after school, then recently relocating to the office in Los Angeles. MK can’t talk about anything she’s working on (that’s a sign of someone who works on very big projects for very big companies. (Is…

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Liz Roffey, ’15, Mixes Social Design and Business in Silicon Valley

Liz Roffey came to DSI directly after completing her undergraduate degree in design. Most of her design peers were going into advertising or marketing, but to Liz, that “just felt really wrong.” She knew she wanted to use her skills for something bigger. That’s when she found DSI. Liz said, “I felt like it spoke…

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