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Why DSI? Lee-Sean Huang. That’s Why.

In addition to co-founding his own creative consultancy, Foossa, and working with the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), Lee-Sean Huang has been teaching Technologies for Designing Change at DSI since the program began! We are so grateful to have him on our team. Here’s an inside look on his take toward design and innovation:…

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Archie Lee Coates IV

“We’re looking for the types of people that are ready to discover something that rocks them to their core. And it doesn’t matter how good of a designer they are, or how good of a storyteller they are, it doesn’t really matter — it just matters that they are willing.” — Archie Lee Coates IV Apply

#WhyDSI: What Happens When an Economist Becomes a Social Designer?

Meet Rhea Rakshit, who came to DSI from the London School of Economics and is now making the fashion industry more sustainable as a social designer. Rhea knows where products come from. That’s her job — to help companies map their supply chains. As the Vice President of Product at Sourcemap, Rhea tracks social, financial…

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Why DSI? Kate Reed Petty. That’s Why.

Professional fiction writer Kate Reed Petty began teaching Creative Writing for Social Designers in Spring 2020. When she’s not writing or teaching, Kate serves as a communications consultant who specializes in working with civic and nonprofit organizations. As an editor, writing coach, workshop leader, and strategist, Kate has worked with organizations including Friends of the…

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Why DSI? Corwin Green. That’s Why.

Why DSI? Corwin Green. That’s Why. Last spring, we were lucky enough to welcome Corwin Green to our DSI family. Corwin is an educator and communications designer, whose focus lies in investigating how collective power is created in design and art. A generalist, he works in print, environmental and digital platforms. He is fascinated by…

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Why DSI? Mari Nakano. That’s Why.

This year, our amazing group of thesis advisors has been led by Mari Nakano, who joined the DSI team in 2018. What is design for social innovation to you? For me, design for social innovation means using design tools and strategies for the purposes of creating a resilient planet, where all people can share power…

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Why DSI? Kara Meyer, That’s Why.

Along with being an amazing member of our thesis advising team, Kara Meyer serves as the Managing Director at + POOL, where she oversees the development of the world’s first water-filtering, floating swimming pool. She helped establish the 501c3 Friends of + POOL in 2015 and heads the organization’s operations, programming, and administration, with a…

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Cheryl Heller

Cheryl Heller. That’s why. Among other things, Cheryl is the Founding Chair of the DSI MFA program and the founder of CommonWise. She has practiced social innovation and communication design with major corporations and non-profits. And she teaches Communication Design at DSI. DSI: How would you define design for social innovation? Design for social innovation…

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Maggie Breslin

Maggie Breslin. That’s why. Among other things, Maggie helped build the Center for Innovation at the Mayo Clinic and continues to be a force in reimagining health care from patients’ perspectives. And she teaches Intro to Thesis at DSI. DSI: What is design for social innovation? I use the definition of design as creation according…

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Tina Park

Tina Park. That’s why. Among other things, Tina Park was the Global Design Research Manager for Johnson & Johnson, and is the founder of Diagram, a consultancy that combines design and research techniques to deliver better healthcare. And she teaches Thesis at DSI. DSI: What’s design for social innovation, and why is it important? It’s…

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