DSI Thesis Intensives: Facilitation 101


The Understatement, Vol. 2

Welcome to Volume Two of the understatement, filled with some things we learned at the Measured Summit in New York City last January. We brought together leaders and practitioners from business, the social sector (non-profits and NGOs), foundations, technology firms, measurement experts and designers to address the question of how we can measure the effectiveness…

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A New Journal

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A Definition Five Years in the Making

Social innovation design is the creation and propagation of healthy, mutually beneficial relationships between humans, technology and the earth. It has the potential to impact every business, government, city, neighborhood and individual. This is what our program is about, what we teach and what our graduates are out in the world doing. To put it more succinctly, it’s the design of the relationships between people and things instead of only the things themselves.

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