1/21//22 Spring 2022 Fast Track Students Announced!

Swar Raisinghani

The Power of a Thesis in Design for Social Innovation

In a matter of weeks, our third class will present their thesis projects on stage at the SVA Beatrice Theater. One of the unique aspects of DSI is the diversity of our students, in their interests, their experiences and the cultures from which they come. Twenty-four countries (and counting) have been represented, with interests as…

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The Good Guides

by Pragya Mishra and Swar Raisinghani

“We are providing the necessary guidance and support for patients who have to wait for prolonged hours to receive treatment in public hospitals in India.”

DSI Alum Swar Raisinghani is Creating Better Patient-Centered Healthcare Systems

Swar Raisinghani, a graduate of DSI’s Class of ’15, is a Service Designer at the New York office of the global design and innovation consultancy Veryday, originally founded in Sweden almost 30 years ago. At Veryday, Swar is working to design a support service experience for patients with Alzheimer’s, a long-term and complex project.

The Transformative Power of Trans-Media Storytelling

As a part of a series of workshops introduced into the curriculum for first year students at DSI this semester, students had the pleasure of working with Lina Srivastava, Co-Founder of Regarding Humanity, on the role and impact of trans-media storytelling in Design for Social Innovation.

DSI Alum Rachel Dixon and Swar Raisinghani Present Their Thesis Projects for Implementing Impact!

Rachel Dixon and Swar Raisinghani were invited to Implementing Impact! Strategies for Creative Intervention to present their respective thesis projects as successful case studies in developing social impact. Implementing Impact! is a one-week summer intensive exploring how to launch socially innovative projects for advanced college students and creative professionals offered at SVA.

DSI Students Are Designing Better Patient Experiences in Indian Government Hospitals

As Design for Social Innovation students, we’re constantly reminded of our responsibility to be social – to deliberately involve people in our projects, both in the design process and in our imagination of their impacts. We want to share a powerful experience we had while working on our thesis project, which seeks to improve the interaction between doctors and patients in government hospitals in India.

Swar Raisinghani

Swar Raisinghani grew up in Gujarat and studied graphic design at the MIT Institute of Design, Pune. She took on internships, attended conferences like DesignYantra and Typography Day, and quickly found herself gravitating to projects that made a social impact. She values conversation and learning about social innovation from the diverse voices at DSI. In…

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