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The Story of a Class with Big Ambition and Broad Reach

In DSI’s second semester, the Communication Design class is where students first put the principles of communication to use. A combination of theory, inspiration and process put into practice, the class is billed by DSI chair Cheryl Heller as “…messy, like real life.” Each year, students choose from one of five clients that have been carefully…

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Communication Design

Spring semester
Wednesdays 2:00 – 5:00
Instructor: Miya Osaki and Corwin Green

In this course, students use language and verbal and visual communication skills to engage, persuade and shift behavior through story writing and telling, cogent logic and public presentations. Throughout the semester, students develop a personal voice as well as work with external clients and organization to design communication as a system with intentional impact on outcomes. The course culminates with presentations to external clients.

“Be on Belmont” Amplifies Placemaking in Brownsville

In social innovation, as in life, things don’t always turn out like you plan; but the ensuing struggle often results in something greater. This spring, a team of DSI students experienced this first-hand when they partnered with Community Solutions’ Brownsville Partnership to develop a project about placemaking on one of Brownsville’s fledgeling commercial corridors, Belmont Avenue.

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