DSI A Jump Start Into the Fall Semester


Fundamentals of Design for Social Innovation

For the third year in a row, DSI faculty members Marc Rettig and Hannah Du Plessis have, with the help of their students. Pages in the book are student summaries of key topics, concepts, and ideas covered during the Fall 2014 Fundamentals of Design for Social Innovation course. Drawing from course slides, lecture notes, and assigned readings, each student visualizes two topics, which are displayed during DSI’s Winter Show, and then composed into a book.

Fundamentals of Design for Social Innovation

Fall semester: 3 credits
10/02/20 – 12/22/20 *Note the last class date is a Tuesday per the academic calendar.
Fridays 10 am – 1:15 pm EST
Instructors: Marc Rettig, Hannah du Plessis

This course introduces ideas, approaches, methods, and skills essential for putting the “social” in “social innovation,” and for nurturing conditions for people to create together through complexity and uncertainty. Through a lively mix of activities, students internalize a living systems view of social change, become able to convene and host conversations that matter to a community, and grow their ability to stand in good relationship with themselves and others.

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