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Salvage Supperclub

Eat Everything

by Josh Treuhaft

“Inspiring and empowering anyone who cooks and eats to make the most of the food in their lives.”

Josh Treuhaft’s Salvage Supper Club Expands to California and Japan

It’s a balmy Sunday night in late June in San Francisco, post-Pride parade, and I’m about to eat dinner in a pristine blue dumpster in a dead-end SOMA (South of Market) street. The event, Salvage Supperclub, seeks to draw attention to food waste and encourage home cooks to not throw out less than ideal, yet still edible stuff.

Josh Treuhaft

Josh Treuhaft is a crossbreed – a designer, a strategist and a sustainability advocate – interested in tackling complex social and environmental challenges. He’s a creative problem solver, a storyteller, and a collaborator and believes very strongly that all of those skills are critical to creating change. He studied Industrial Design at the Umeå Institute…

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DSI Alum Josh Treuhaft’s Salvage Supperclub Makes a West Coast Debut

In an era when adventurous eaters are constantly on the hunt for the newest, coolest and most innovative dining experience — that they can, no doubt, tweet and Instagram — New Yorker Josh Treuhaft came up with the idea to educate diners about food waste via a multicourse, produce-centric meal served in a Dumpster, which has been outfitted as a cozy dining room.

How To Change The World? Start With Dumpster Diving

What’s it like dining in a dumpster? Ask Josh Treuhaft. He has recently hosted five gourmet dinner parties in a retrofitted demolition dumpster in Brooklyn, N.Y. What’s even more surprising is that the culinary creations — like roasted parsnip apple and potato soup and babaganoush with roasted cumin carrot hummus on toast — are all made from slightly bruised or overripe fruits and vegetables and past-expiration date foods that were headed for the garbage dump. The food is donated from local farmers markets, co-ops, restaurants and sometimes friends.

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