DSI Reflecting on Summer 2022’s Community Design for Leaders Course

Rhea Rakshit

Putting It All on the Table

The New York Times

Rhea Rakshit

“I think that there is a real need for cross disciplinary practice in general — we all have very different backgrounds, and for problems like these you can’t just work with one type of designer or one type of person to fix a system that’s this broken.” — Rhea Rakshit

#WhyDSI: What Happens When an Economist Becomes a Social Designer?

Meet Rhea Rakshit, who came to DSI from the London School of Economics and is now making the fashion industry more sustainable as a social designer. Rhea knows where products come from. That’s her job — to help companies map their supply chains. As the Vice President of Product at Sourcemap, Rhea tracks social, financial…

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You Can Come Home Again: Alums Return for a Special Lecture Night

Alumni Pragya Mishra, Josh Treuhaft, Rhea Rakshit, Sebastian Barrera and Akshata Malhotra returned to DSI last month for an exchange of knowledge and insights at the DSI Global Guest Lecture. They spoke to both current cohorts about their jobs, their journey, their passions, the wicked problems they’re working to solve, and how what they learned at DSI is helping them succeed.

Out Loan

by Laura Kadamus and Rhea Rakshit

“Out Loan is a web app that simplifies repayment strategies for borrowers saddled with federal student loans.”

DSI Open House Webinar 2014

If you missed the 2014 DSI Open House, watch the follow up webinar as Cheryl Heller discusses the program. Current students Rhea Rakshit, Manolo Ampudia, and Barbara Fang also talk about their experiences at DSI so far.

DSI Alum Rhea Rakshit is Making Fashion Transparent

Rhea Rakshit, Class of ’15, is talking about Project JUST, a recently launched online platform that allows shoppers to know how ethical their favorite fashion brands’ supply chain practices are.

The Transformative Power of Trans-Media Storytelling

As a part of a series of workshops introduced into the curriculum for first year students at DSI this semester, students had the pleasure of working with Lina Srivastava, Co-Founder of Regarding Humanity, on the role and impact of trans-media storytelling in Design for Social Innovation.

A Web App to Guide Student Loan Borrowers Through a More Personal Repayment Process

For their thesis, Laura and Rhea are developing Out Loan, a web app to guide student loan borrowers through a more personal repayment process. Learn more about their project at

Rhea Rakshit

Rhea Rakshit has a background in economics and international development and an interest in empowering informal communities. Before coming to DSI, she worked for an urban microfinance institution (Swadhaar FinAcess) and an affordable housing finance company (Micro Housing Finance Corporation Ltd), both based in Mumbai. She believes that many of the most innovative solutions to…

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